5 Parenting Secrets for Improving Your Child’s Behavior


5 Parenting Secrets for Improving Your Child's Behavior


Children misbehave for two main reasons, often because they don’t want to do what you have asked them to do.

The second reason is that they are seeking attention, and even negative attention is better than no attention at all.

Once your child is between three and four years of age you can reason with them. Explain the behavior that you want from them simply and clearly and be consistent. If the bad behavior continues, and sometimes it does, use time out. don’t use time out for anyone under 4 years, as they are not old enough to understand the concept. Time out allows the child to calm down for a short time while remaining within your sight.

Pick a time-out corner in the next room, marking a spot on the floor for the child to stand on. He remains there for 4 minutes, no longer, when he returns to you, talk about why he was having time out and once again, what you expect of him.


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