9 Drinks to Eliminate Knee and Joint Pain Naturally


Drinks to Eliminate Knee and Joint Pain Naturally

We all dream and want a beautiful, uninterrupted healthy life. Several people have their work and life performance hindered by some pain arising from their joints. As a result of the continuous pain, many had to change their lifestyle habits in a bid to get it right again. However, not as easy as been said. A patient’s story of how joint pain such arthritis has significantly reduced his or her quality of life can be disheartening. Joint pain is usually debilitating; in most situations, prevent patients from performing their normal basic tasks.

Many are dying in silence and need help. I found some essential simple remedies that could be beneficial. There are many suggestions, but these are tested and trusted.  Most of us don’t put enough thoughts to what we drink. We need to understand that what we drink and eat determines our health status and body functionalities. When you take clean water at least eight glasses daily, you’ll feel refreshed.

You also need to know that our joints are made up of cartilages that have high water content. Dehydration will hinder its function and increases the wear and tear that could eventually lead to joint diseases. A situation like this results in impaired free movement. Painkiller Will only remove the pain for some time since the cause is still present. There are several side effects that could also be linked with different types of painkillers; hence, one needs to be careful. Why don’t you seek alternative natural remedies that you sip throughout the day with stress? Get ready and learn how to revitalize without any side effects. We have been able to identify 10 natural drinks that could help improve your joints condition.

Our remedies target the inflammatory process, which is related to the joint discomfort. Consuming substance with anti-inflammatory properties helps build a stronger and healthier joint with overall benefits to your lifestyle. There are enough drinks for you to choose from to improve your situation. Take a time out and check our 9 selected drinks to help you lubricate your joints and make you healthier.

1. Water is life

Drinks to Eliminate Knee and Joint Pain Naturally

Water is vital for all known forms of life in the universe. It is like oxygen to humans and CO2 to plants. A transparent, tasteless, odorless and colorless substance that makes up about 70% of our body mass. A fluid that helps rehydrate and provide cushioning effects to our joints hence works smoothly. When you don’t have enough water in the body, flushing out toxins will become more complicated, therefore causing different effects such as inflammation.

We have identified taking about 2 liters of freshly filtered tap water per day as a starting point when you have joint pains. Despite lacking those nutrients such as vitamins, you don’t have to bother about that. You need to conscious of taking more water per day because it also prevents gout attacks. When you take water before meals, you are likely to ease less hence weight gain is reduced, and effect of weight on joint is also reduced.


2. “Red Wine” that helps

Drinks to Eliminate Knee and Joint Pain Naturally

There is a doubt as regards to effect of red wine. We have identified resveratrol as “an anti-inflammatory agent” to be present in Red wine. This is good for your joints. The fact that alcohol has some effects on our senses by reducing the sensations hence reduce pain. When you take about a glass or two cups of Red wine regularly (in moderation), you are on the track of helping to reduce the development of chronic joints diseases which include osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Resveratol is also present in red grapes and red grape juice.

3. “Tart Cherry Juice” for you alone

Drinks to Eliminate Knee and Joint Pain Naturally

When people with joint pain decides to take juice, its usually being discouraged because of the sugar content. This is simply because of the inflammatory properties found in sugar. The lack of fiber in juices also allows the sugar to Flow into the bloodstream easily. However, when you take whole fruit juice, you will get beneficial effects since it contains adequate amount of fibers and natural sweetness. The “no juice rule” has exceptions to Tart Cherry Juice. The Tart Cherry Juice has been found by different studies to be beneficial by reducing inflammation and swelling. This Will subsequently reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

4. “Smoothies” to clean the unwanted

Drinks to Eliminate Knee and Joint Pain Naturally

Smoothies have been linked with better effects when compared to juice. It is believed to combine the effect of fiber with that of fruits. This is of help to our arteries and fights against constipation. A healthy arterial supply to the joint is also needed for good joint health. Those combine benefits help relieve knee and joint pain since they produce a lot of antioxidants. The antioxidant helps keep your joints healthy by removing the free radicals from your body hence reducing the inflammatory process that results in joint pain.


5. Daily Coffee

Studies have confirmed the presence of antioxidant polyphenols in coffee. This takes out the free radicals from your body. A fight against the effects of free radicals on joints. Despite some studies creating link between coffee and increase risk of rheumatoid arthritis or osteoporosis, we can still confirm the presence of inflammation-fighting polyphenols. When you are a regular coffee lover, you don’t need to stop due to what you read; you only need to ensure you take it in moderation. Don’t let your intake per day be more than 4 cups hence you will be able to derive the best benefits from your love for coffee.

6. Chicken Bone Broth

Bone Broth; is not a common joint pain supplement you see around. It is a powder supplement containing glucosamine and chondroitin. Both substances are necessary for joint or cartilage health. It is usually recommended in case of chronic joint pain. You can make your drink with this capsule. The product is made from chicken bones and cartilage. It is produced to help fight inflammation in joints and help in formation of collagen, which is needed for the joint structure.


7. Tea

You don’t have to worry when you are not a coffee lover, you still get some benefits when you take either black, green, or white tea. This does of antioxidant polyphenols will surely help to reduce inflammatory processes in your joint. You need to know that benefits from teas vary in terms of dose of antioxidant derivable from them. Green tea has most forms of antioxidants when compared to others. White tea and black teas follow respectively in terms of help obtainable from them. The Green is also found to have “epigallocatechin 3-gallate (EGCG), which is a polyphenol. This helps to protect bones and cartilage hence improve their structure thereby reducing inflammation.

8. Ginger Tea

This is another type of tea that is made of Ginger. It is a well-established drink for joints. One 2001 study found that Ginger is a verified plant with anti-inflammatory properties. Those molecules include prostaglandins and leukotriene. There are also pro-inflammatory cytokines located in the cells. Apart from the listed molecules, Ginger also contains gingerol, a substance that helps relaxes and soothes muscles apart from reducing inflammation. Whenever you are opportune to have a drink made up of Ginger, you are sure your joint Will health status Will be improved. You should also avoid sugary ginger soda, which is not helpful compared to those you make at home yourself.


9. Milk

The notion of going dairy-free when diagnosed with arthritis is not yet verified. However, there are several types of research that have shown that no observable difference between Rheumatoid Arthritis patients on dairy products or those without dairy products. Drinking milk has been recommended to be a suitable fluid for preventing Gout and fighting against rapid progression of osteoarthritis. There are several low-fat kinds of milk that can be selected to avoid consumption of extra calories.


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