Activities during pregnancy

One you learn that you are pregnant and there is a baby on the way that is coming, what are some of the things that you should take significant considerations about? It goes without saying that every mother desire to give her child the very best of care. However, for you to do this, the attention must start right from the very day you learn that you are expectant. The care should begin long before you even become pregnant. The better your general wellbeing even before you get married, the healthier the babies that you are likely to get. Therefore, it is paramount that as a lady you feed your body with nourishing foods and have optimum health.

When you learn that you are pregnant, the very first thing that you should do is to choose a good doctor/clinic, where you will be paying regular visits and one that you can implicit confidence with his services. This is important more especially if this is your first pregnancy though it is still important in your second and third pregnancies because any complications might develop.

During your pregnancy, you can avoid serious complications by consulting a good doctor and taking the following simple precautions.


The question that is going to be addressed here is: how much activity should a pregnant woman have? Well. The amount of exercise in which you can take part in is to a large degree dependent on your natural habits in your life. If you have been living an active life, you can continue with your busy life however in a modified form.

If you like swimming, you might consider avoiding it for a while unless you are sure that the water is clean and that it is not too cold. Very vigorous exercises such as horse riding might be harmful to your pregnancy hence you should avoid them. The point is, avoid activities that will require a lot of energy to perform.

However, you can engage yourself in light household chores provided you do not do the heavy lifting. But ensure that you take enough rest from time to time. If you are a working-class woman, you can continue with your work during your pregnancy.

The best exercise that you can engage yourself in during this period is walking because most of the body muscles are brought into activity as you walk. Ensure you take walks in places where you can get fresh air since now you are breathing for two. Spend a lot of time as you are able outdoors and sleep in a well-ventilated room.


How far should you travel during your pregnancy? Your doctor will be the best to tell you this because long traveling can be tiring. If you expose yourself to very severe emotional strain, it can result in a miscarriage at certain stages of the pregnancy.

If you must travel, then ensure that you travel in easy stages. However, going by sea is okay as long the waves are not violent. Traveling by plane or train is the best modes of transport during pregnancy.

It is advisable that during the final two months of your pregnancy you should avoid avid much traveling so that can have a comfortable and convenient way to reach your doctor anytime.

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