Important tips for a healthy pregnancy

Important tips for a healthy pregnancy

Importance of Nutrition

Any interference with nutrition during pregnancy is likely to affect the unborn child’s tissues, and this is likely to distort his developmental pattern to the extent that it can cause deformity of hand, feet, internal organs and even the skeleton.

For example, if there is a fault in the attachment of the placenta to the extent that the child’s supply of nutrients is affected and the quantity of oxygen is impaired, it can cause grave developmental problems to the unborn child.

It has been discovered that deficiency of vital vitamins during pregnancy can considerably interfere with the metabolism process of the unborn baby which in turn will lead to deformity.

Hazards of Cigarette

Scientific studies have indicated that the mother’s hormones if they are produced in excess by the secretory glands, can have a negative impact on the unborn child. It has been established that cigarette smoking by pregnant mothers increases the chances of premature birth or if the pregnancy is carried to term, the baby will be born with low weight. Further still, it can to a great extent contribute to mental problems, speech impairment, epilepsy and other abnormal behaviors.

Important tips for a healthy pregnancy

Stress and Anxiety

Recent scientific investigations indicate that toxemia of pregnancy occurs more commonly in pregnant mothers who are anxious, fearful or have emotional turmoil than it does to expectant mothers who are peaceful, secure and confident during the pregnancy period. It has been noted that toxemia has an adverse effect on the unborn child.

It has been noted that there is a close relationship between the emotional stress of the expectant mother and the nervous development of the unborn baby which most of the time result in abnormality in mental wellbeing and general health.

The results further indicate that the fear and anxiety of a pregnant woman have an effect on the upsetting and balance among her own body composition such as the endocrine system. When the human body reacts to fear, the body responds by producing an excess of certain hormones which help to deal with the fear. The excess of these hormones are released into the blood, and as they circulate through the blood, they end up in the circulatory system of the unborn child, and they are known to cause unfavorable effects upon the baby.

Some of the things that cause fear in the pregnant woman include the anguish of being unloved, fear that the father of the child might not accept the child once born, concern over the husband’s possible jealousy of the baby. Fear that the baby may be harmed by the normal sexual experiences of married life, grief and any such experiences might influence the development of the child both physically or mentally.

Suggestions on How to Have a Positive Influence on the General Wellbeing of the Baby.

The best way you as a mother who is expectant can contribute to the general well-being of the unborn child is by following a sensible programme. Hereunder are some suggestions:

Moderation: as a pregnant mother, continue with your usual pattern of living. Try as much as it is within your powers to avoid all excess even in rest. Strenuous physical activity should not be carried to excess or should be avoided totally. Also, avoid lifting heavy weights and low stooping. 

Mild daily activities: you should on a regular basis engage in mild and pleasant physical activities. Gardening is considered the best physical activity since it brings all the faculties of your being into exercise. Walking is also a good exercise during pregnancy, but it should not be made strenuous. Ensure that you select physical activities that are recreational in nature which will contribute to positivity, peace of mind and a right attitude. 

Friendliness, trust, and faith: strive to cultivate attitudes that will help to generate a kind and good general wellbeing. When you have friendly terms, you can surround yourself with positivity, and they will not negatively affect your emotional balance, and hence they will not affect your developing child’s physical and mental health. 

Dress modestly and comfortably: avoid all tight clothing which is likely to interfere with the blood circulation to the vital organs. Also, replace all high heel shoes with a flat heel because the high heels bring unwanted pressure on your muscles and ligaments which play a role in maintaining your posture.

Minimize personal contact with people: there are many forms of diseases which are communicable through bodily contact with people. For this reason, where possible communicate via the phone to avoid contracting illnesses which might threaten the well-being of your unborn child.

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