5 Parenting Secrets for Improving Your Child’s Behavior

5 Parenting Secrets for Improving Your Child's Behavior

Being a good parent is both the hardest and the most rewarding thing that you will ever do. Parenting has not traditionally been taught but the skills are either obtained from experiential learning or learned from our own parents. Our parents are not always the best role models to follow. so it is little wonder that many new parents are looking for help to parent differently and better, and there are ways to do this.

5 Parenting Secrets for Improving Your Child's Behavior


When your child is doing what you have asked them to do, reinforce the good behavior by praising them. Most specialists agree that it is better to use

‘labeled praise’ as it involves telling your child exactly what you were pleased with. Labeled praise is more effective as it targets exactly the behavior.

For example: ‘You are a good girl for putting on your shoes ‘. This is much more specific and leaves the child in no doubt as to what they have done well. rather than just saying ‘good girl’, which is not specific enough.

5 Parenting Secrets for Improving Your Child's Behavior


It is better to focus on one behavior at a time, and when your child is not doing what he is asked to do, sometimes a behavior chart is the answer.

The chart can be bought, at the News Agent and is placed on the wall. Explain carefully and clearly to your child what you expect them to do. It may be as simple as being ready for school on time. Every time they do what they are asked, a sticker goes up on the calendar. After 30 days of good behavior, a reward can be given. ( It works better if the reward is prenegotiated, and then the child is working towards this goal).

Some parents say that this is bribery, but it doesn’t always have to be a material reward, it could be something like a family day out. Or going to a movie with Dad and just spending special time together. As long as the reward is special and different from a normal day.

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