10 things to help baby sleep through the night

10 things to help baby sleep through the night

Lack of sleep during the night is one of the many challenges parents face with their babies. But this doesn’t have to despair any parent because there is always a solution to every problem.

Once babies are born, they need to be fed every few hours since their stomachs are very small to sustain them throughout the entire night. But after a few months, they will need less feeding giving them a better chance to sleep soundly for a stretch of about six hours.

However, your baby may not be able to develop good sleeping habits even after a period of six to nine months due to normal developmental factors. For instance, your little one may be wanting some reassurance and comfort during the night, or teething may be upsetting their sleep patterns and bedtime routines.

This can make you very upset as your own sleep pattern is also interrupted. You may also feel very tired and sapped of all your energy increasing chances of having mental illnesses such as depression.

In this guide, we explain several things to help baby sleep healthily without causing you the trouble of waking up frequently to calm them down during the night.

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