10 things to help baby sleep through the night

  1. Begin A Consistent Bedtime Routine
10 things to help baby sleep through the night

Your infants are able to maintain a lengthy sleep when you keep everything the same and in the same arrangement. This is based on a certain study that involved 400 mothers with babies between seven and thirty-six months old. The study indicated that infants who were used to consistent bedtime routines were able to sleep better, easily, and hardly cried during the night. Some of the commonly used bedtime activities include:

• Bathing them before going to bed as this makes them calm down
• Keeping every activity in the house peaceful and calm particularly after you perform the routine
• Playing quieter games in the evening and active ones during the daytime
• Making all conditions in the room the same as when they left for slept. For instance, the sounds and lights should be consistent. This may help them fall asleep again when they wake up at any time of the night.

Most parents start their daily sleep routines when their babies are between six to eight weeks old.

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