how much weight should i gain during pregnancy

how much weight should i gain during pregnancy

For many years women have struggled with weight loss. Trying to keep a nice girlish figure is a constant struggle for most women. Just imagine working hard to get the body you want and then it seems all that hard work is gone.

When that little miracle starts growing in your stomach, it may seem hard to process what is happening to your body. You know you need to gain weight for the baby however, how much extra weight do you really need?
According to the bump an average pregnancy weight gain is between 25 to 35 pounds. This is for anyone who is at an average weight prior to pregnancy.

This range slightly changes depending on which weight class you are. Women that are underweight should gain 28 to 40 and 15 to 25 for women that are over weight. No matter which weight class you fall in, you should only gain a few pounds in the first trimester. All of your eating habits have to be compromised with your baby in mind. You need to make sure that all the food you are putting in is safe and healthy for your child.If you gain too little or too much weight you are putting your baby at risk. Not putting on enough weight can cause developmental delays. On the other hand over weight gain can put your baby at risk for a complicated delivery. The child may become too big and have a hard time fitting through. The weight gain should be at a steady pace. Gaining too much weight at one time can really put a strain on you and your baby. This can make you feel extra tired.

48 percent of women gain too much weight. The reason for the extra weight gain is because women think they need a lot more food then they really do.
The phrase eating for two is very outdated. You do not need a whole extra meal while pregnant. In fact an extra 300 calories is all you need for the baby. This could be that many believe they need more for then they really do.

The key to giving you baby what it needs is nutrients. A high vitamin diet will make sure everything is on the right track. Your diet should consists of fruits and vegetables back with vitamins and nutrients. Staying away from junk food is very important in maintaining a healthy wait in your pregnancy. Eating junk food can rapidly out on the extra weight. This is the extra weight that will be harmful to your little miracle.You should also have plenty of protein. Having enough protein in your diet will provide you with energy. Being pregnant can really put a strain on your energy level. Making sure you eat a a high protein diet can give you the extra energy you will need.

Pregnancy is stressful and exciting at the same time. Carrying all that extra weight makes your usual daily task a lot harder. Exercising can seem a little scary but, doing so will make your pregnancy a little bit smoother. You definitely do not want to do a high intensity workout. A lite work out is just what you need to feel a little better. Even a short walk can be very beneficial. This will also provide health benefits to the baby. It is important to consult with you doctor before doing any kind of physical activity.
Towards the very end of your pregnancy you may experience swollen feet, heartburn, and shortness of breathe. Elevating your feet is great for the circulation. It is important to take it easy at this time. You will want to make sure that you get plenty of rest.

Gaining all the extra wait in your pregnancy can bring on depression.Even after having the baby your body is not just going to bounce back how it was. It will take some time but eventually you will get there. You can get to that point even faster with a positive attitude. However it is crucial to overcome this. You can slowly get back into your old eating and workout routine. This may feel as though things will never be the same.

Talk to your doctor about what diet you specifically need to be on. Everyone’s body is different and needs a personal health plan. Enjoy the pregnancy as your body changes into motherhood

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