How Soon Do Pregnancy Symptoms Start?

Currently, there is not a lot of research on this topic, and on the other hand, early pregnancy symptoms are different for every woman. How soon do pregnancy symptoms start? Some women feel the first signs of pregnancy within a week or two after fertilization, while others do not think anything until there are 2 – 3 months pregnant. As mentioned above the symptoms are different for everyone.

In the best research on this query presently, 136 women who attempted to get pregnant kept daily records of their signs from the instant they stopped using birth control till they were two months pregnant. Your body begins giving you small signals sometime after conception. The challenging part is realizing if those symptoms signs are in any way associated with pregnancy or PMS since they usually are very similar.
For many women, the early pregnancy signs may begin at the time when your period is almost due, which typically confuses someone. Understanding these symptoms and when they take place can assist you in figuring out as soon as possible if it is time to start decorating the nursery and choose baby names.

For some women, the first symptom usually is when they miss their period. The other common symptoms which follow are usually, breast swelling and or tenderness, nausea, fatigue, often urinating, and vomiting. Some women feel the pregnancy symptoms as early as seven days after the pregnancy starts – when the fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the uterus. Others do not notice the signs till a later date (a few months into the pregnancy).

About early symptoms of pregnancy

Since many of the first signs can be very similar to those that result from PMS, it is crucial to take a pregnancy test if you suspect that you are pregnant. Taking a pregnancy test is a sure way of knowing whether you are pregnant or not. Home pregnancy tests usually work approximately one week after you miss your period.

One more thing to consider is that your symptoms may be different from someone else. You may not go through the earliest pregnancy symptoms, or they might be so elusive that you will not notice them. You might still be expectant even though you do not feel the signs.

How the early signs can start

A few of the earliest signs of pregnancy can begin around quite early. Your body starts to prepare for the pregnancy almost instantly after the fertilization of the egg, and some of these changes result in physical symptoms. Pregnancy symptoms are not the same for everyone, although among the most significant signs of pregnancy is a delayed or missed period.


Understanding the symptoms of pregnancy is essential since every sign may have causes which are not pregnancy. It is difficult already to determine whether or not you are pregnant before you take a pregnancy test. Among the most frustrating things for people questioning a potential pregnancy comes from the fact that many of the signs of pregnancy can be linked to a late period or at times, tension, or stress. Didn’t know how soon do pregnancy symptoms start? Now you know!

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