Laser Stretchmarks Removal

While there’s very little medical evidence supporting the effectiveness of present-day treatment for stretch marks, the laser treatment procedure has helped thousands of people worldwide get back lovely skin tones and texture.

What is laser stretchmarks removal?

Laser stretchmarks removal is a procedure that uses concentrated beams of light to stimulate new growth that restructures the skin surface. Laser removal can help to remove the stretch marks altogether and speed up the skin self-rejuvenation process leading to a dramatic improvement in skin tone and texture

Types of laser removal


Ablative lasers aim to destroy the upper skin surface and encourage the growth of new tissues leading to improved skin tone and texture. Ablative laser treatments are the most effective giving the person something to smile about just after a few procedures. Ablative laser treatments include Carbon Dioxide Laser and Erbium YAG.

•Non-ablative lasers

Non-ablative lasers are used to target the underlying skin tissues to encourage the growth of collagen growth and shedding off of the upper dead tissue. Non-ablative treatment does not involve the removal of the upper skin surface; the skin gets to self-rejuvenate. Treatments include Alexandre and Fraxel.

The cost of laser stretchmarks removal

Data from the American Board of Cosmetics Surgery (ABC) shows that laser skin resurfacing costs between $500-$8,900, while another data from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAP) shows that the average cost of ablative laser treatment is $2,681 and that of the non-ablative treatment is $1,410.

The amount of data also shows that the amount you pay depends on several other factors such as the Consultation Fee, Lab-costs, and Post-treatment medication for pain (if required).

How quick is the laser stretchmarks removal procedure?

A single laser treatment procedure is relatively quick compared to procedures such as microneedling. It involves no surgical incisions; in fact, it’s classified as a noninvasive treatment. The ablative laser treatment procedure takes around 90 minutes while the non-ablative treatment gets done in just under 30 minutes.

How long is the recovery time?

Since the treatment is non-invasive, the recovery time after a laser stretchmarks treatment procedure is also very fast. The slightly swelling and red or pink skin that accompanies treatments subsides in just a few weeks.

But depending on where the procedure gets done, you may have to take a break from your usual daily activities to allow the skin to recover.

How effective is the laser stretchmarks removal procedure?

Laser stretchmarks removal is very effective, especially in treating brightly colored and inflamed strikes. The beams help reduce the inflammation and intensity of the striae color.

•How long does it take to see some change in skin tone?

It may take several months and laser procedures before you start noticing a change in skin tone. It depends on the severity, color intensity of the stretch marks and whether you observe the providers guidelines on how to take care of the treated area.

•How many treatment sessions can it take to complete treatment?

Laser skin resurfacing can take several procedures that spun for several years to fully correct the skin form. The number of procedures you take depends on the stretchmark’s severity and coloration; some stretchmarks fade away just after one or two procedures. Others are stubborn and require more sessions if the aggressive ablative procedure.

Data from ASAP shows that on average 1-6 procedures are required. The payment for each procedure is usually constant, but you have to consult with your treatment provider for more information and possible discounts.

•Waiting time between procedures

Depending on how fast the treated area heals 3-4 weeks waiting time between each laser treatment session is recommended.

•Possible side effects

Laser stretchmarks removal is a safe procedure with no side effects except for the raw skin aggression and mild discomfort associated with the aggressive ablative laser treatment. Slight redness and swelling, however, accompanies every laser procedure, but if you observe your provider’s after-laser care, it fades off in a few weeks.

Can laser therapy be covered by Insurance?

Yes, in cases where the procedure is deemed as a medical necessity, e.g., as a way to manage pain, your insurance can cover the cost of the procedure. However, there’s no medical insurance cover for stretch marks removal.

How to reduce the cost of laser stretchmarks removal procedure

Since your medical insurance cover does not cater for the cost of the procedure, you have to come to agreements with the provider of the procedure on payments and plan. Most providers have various offers such as:

•Discounts after several sessions

•No-interest financing throughout the treatment.

•Manufacturer’s Rebates to help offset some part of the overall cost.

Laser treatments aftercare

After each laser treatment session, you have to follow your provider’s guidance to get the most out of the treatment. Observing the guidance helps prevent complications like hyperpigmentation, slow healing, skin infection, and scarring.

You should always give your skin time to heal before you dive back into rigorous routines and remember always to apply sunscreen on the area to prevent cancer growth and wrinkles. Laser treatment results can last for several years (even forever) boosting one’s self-image.

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