Post Natal Exercises for Moms

Once you have given birth to your newborn baby, your body begins to return to its normal functioning immediately after a long sleep. You should start doing physical exercise as soon as you can some simple exercises in order to help your body regain its shape.

The uncomplicated exercise that you can perform even as you lie in your hospital bed is lying on your back as you relax and take a deep breath. You can also wiggle your toes and perform some simple rotary motions on your ankles in different directions. As you lie on your back, keep your legs flat on the bed and tighten your thighs several times. These exercises are meant to improve the blood circulation in your legs. However, if it’s your first delivery, ensure that you do not attempt any activity until after the second or the third day.

The following are some suggestions for exercises that you can do after you have delivered your baby:


Place your hands behind your head, then bend your knees and let the soles of your feet lie flat on the bed. Then in this position take deep breathes slowly by swelling your chest upwards and allowing your abdomen to move upward as well. Hold your chest in this position and let your abdominal muscles relax and then relax. Repeat this procedure ten to fifteen times.

Abdominal Exercise

Abdominal exercises are, meant to help your abdomen gain some strength. While you are lying on your back and your knees bent, tuck in your chin and roll your head forward and upwards. However, do not try to sit up. Return to the starting position and relax. Repeat this abdominal exercise as many times as you can.

After relaxing, using the same position not reach your head towards your bent knees with both your hands while trying to raise your head and shoulders of the bed.

These are the initial you can perform for the first one month. After one month, you can begin some advanced exercises. The advanced exercises are meant to improve your posture and burn some baby fats.

The following are some of the exercises that you can do to regain your posture:

Sit on the floor with your knees bent but not so close to your body. Ensure that the soles of your rest on the floor and that each hand is grasping the knees loosely. Sit tall as you can with your chin held in and the back part of your head pushing upwards as high as you can endure. The shoulders and the arms should remain relaxed. Repeat this ten to fifteen times.

Advance to the next level with only of your knees bent, and the other leg stretched flat on the floor. Then push yourself up as high as you can. Keep alternating the legs and repeat as many times as your body can endure.

Another good abdominal exercise is to sit on a stool against the wall. The seat should be of a height that can allow your knees to bend at a right angle. Sit at the very end of the stool such that the back of your head, back and hips touch the wall. Let your hand be at your side. Then pull up your abdominal muscles and roll your pelvis back until the lower part of your back is pressed against the wall. Ensure that every part of your back including the back of your head is against the wall. Relax in this position for some time. Repeat the above procedure as many times as you can.

Next, while maintaining the same posture as described above, raise both your hands upwards and forward as high as you can while the lower part of your back is touching the wall. You can attempt the whole exercise while you are standing and repeat it as many times as you can. During the day, while you are sited, form a habit of pulling yourself upwards and sitting upright. This exercise will go a long way to strengthen your muscles and give you an attractive posture with no protruding tummy.