take care of yourself during pregnancy

Care for Your Bowels

It is imperative that you take proper care of your bowels throughout your pregnancy. Ensure that you have regular bowel evacuations. If you are eating three meals in a day, then you should have three bowel movements a day.

This is possible if you are having a balanced diet complete with enough fiber and regular exercise. Also, large quantities of fruits and vegetables will go a long way to help you achieve this. If you have constipation problems, the following fruits will help you: dates, baked apples, oranges, whole wheat bread, green leafy vegetables, and oatmeal and flax seeds.

You can also train your bowels to move regularly by developing a habit of going to the toilet frequently. Immediately you wake up, ensure that you take a glass of warm water with lemon. The warm water will help to activate your bowels so that you will feel the urge to visit the toilet immediately after eating your breakfast. Also, you can take some mineral oils like olive oil. However, to not get an enema cleansing except your doctor advises so.

Care for Your Kidneys

Kidneys are essential to the general wellbeing and now more especially during your pregnancy. It is for this reason that your doctor checks your urine sample every time you visit him.
It is advisable that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day. You should not be surprised by the urge to visit the washroom more often more especially during the first few and last weeks of the pregnancy. This is because the uterus is pressing on the udder hence leaving less room to hold the urine. Therefore, it is normal to pass urine regularly. However, if your urine is colored or very little or experiences difficulty to pass the urine, then consider consulting your doctor

Care of Your Teeth

One of the most common diseases during pregnancy is dental decay. This is mainly common to mothers who do not have sufficient calcium because your baby is also drawing from your available calcium. For this reason, you should pay your doctor a visit for a checkup. If you have any dental work that needs to be taken care of, this is the right time to do so.

Ensure that you brush your teeth after every meal because proper dental care is key to your oral health.

Preparing for Nursing Your Baby

Immediately you become pregnant, your body begins to prepare for feeding your baby to be. You will notice striking changes in your body. The breasts will start to make milk, and the ducks are likely to appear. For this reason, you should take care appropriate care for your nipples because if they are hard and stiff, your baby will find it hard to suck.

You should wash your nipples every morning with warm water and soap because cleanliness is very relevant. If your nipples are hard and stiff, you can apply some petroleum jerry or even protect them with a gauze.

From the fourth month of your pregnancy, you might experience some secretion from your nipples; hence you need to wear something to protect your clothes from getting stained. The fluid discharged might form crusts after drying, if this happens, consider washing your nipples carefully and then apply some oil.

If you have inverted nipples, ensure that every day you spend some time pulling them out and massaging them. It is advisable also that you wear a bra that lifts your breasts upwards and does not press your already inverted nipples. All are prProper care during pregnancy eparations for comfortably nursing your

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